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For the menu we are not focused on one particular cuisine. We serve food that has roots anywhere in the world. All the best things the capital has to offer can be found here. From the vibrant streets to the nightlife and the true multicultural vibe, that is exactly what we have tried to implement in the restaurant.

Please note that this menu is intended for inspiration only. It does not necessarily represent the exact selection of dishes offered on the particular day. We believe in surprising our guests with unforgettable flavors and presentations, and therefore, we update the menu in line with the availability of fresh ingredients and our chefs' creative impulses.


Our own sourdough bread and whipped butter (g, m)  45
Fennel salami, our pickled cucumbers and mustard (sn)  65
Grilled olives and curry leaf oil  65
Radishes and sesame cream (m, se)  60
Ricotta, pickled nuts, sage (m, n)  75
Labneh, braised leeks and za’atar (m/se)  65
Pickled shiitake (m)  55
Fresh oyster 1p: 50 4p: 180


Side Orders 75

Oven baked potatoes (m)

Creamy mushrooms (m, sn)

Gem lettuce, anchovies and parmesan (m, sn, e, f)

3 sides 185

1 Course from 195

2 Courses from 280

3 Courses from 345

Please note that some dishes require an extra charge

Bentes 4 servings family style menu 525 pr

This menu is chosen by the kitchen bosses, it
needs to be served to the whole table and
will be served family-style and in a chill
and cute tempo.


Raw beef, parsley pesto and pickled mustard seeds
(m, sn)
Raw scallop, yuzo and sesame (b, m, se)
Celeriac, dukkah and lovage sauce (m, n, se)



Duck breast, arabica sauce and hokkaido (m)
Cod, mussel sauce and green kale (b, e, m, sn)
Cauliflower and truffle cream



Caramelized brioche and cardamom cream (g, e, m)
Gateau marcel (m, e)
Gruyere, crackers and gooseberries (m, se)


B: Bløtdyr, E: Egg, F: Fisk, G: Gluten, H: Hvetemel, L: Lupin, M: Melk, N: Nøtter, P: Peanøtt, SE: Sesamfrø, SK: Skalldyr, SL: Selleri, SN: Sennep, SO: Soya

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